Pettit Family Tree Index

By Brandon

NOTE: This is a work in progress.  This website covers many more families than the ones listed below!]

The purpose of this page is to provide a link to name indexes for the Pettit family tree so our cousins can easily find which Pettit clan they belong to.

While there is a huge comprehensive Pettit family tree, that tree will not be published for privacy reasons.  Consequently, not everyone in the tree has been listed here.   The older generations are less likely to be known and we must respect the privacy of the living generations.  Therefore, this page contains links to Pettits who have a documented genealogy and to whom many people today may easily identify as relatives.   The generation selected for this list is the one from the early 1900’s.  These will likely be parents, grandparents or great grandparents of those living today.

As mentioned, the hope is to be able to help our cousins determine their older Pettit family connection and from there identify with one of the more specific and historic Pettit clans.

These will be organized by geographic location and also by ancestor name.  This page will continue to be updated as time permits and as more data is parsed.  For now, we have the following pages:

The Descendants of Henry Pettit Sr. (1763) and Ann Poole Pettit  (Updated 2022-1-10)