William H. Pettit and John W Pettit Family Bible From Gilmer Co., GA

By Brandon

Background Information

This Bible record appears to have been the work of multiple generations of Gilmer County, GA Pettits.  The handwriting of three different people can be easily distinguished. The note that accompanied these pages said that it was the record of William Henry Pettit and “John Waitsel Pettit, father of Morris Pettit”.  It is possible the information was taken down by William Henry Pettit, John Waitsel Pettit and Morris Pettit.

John Waitsel Pettit was born in Gilmer County, GA, on October 18, 1874. He was the son of William Henry Pettit who was the grandson of Henry Pettit Jr who was born in Spartanburg County, SC in 1790.

Morris Pettit was the son of John Waistel Pettit and was a World War II veteran. He was take as a prisoner of war for a portion of the conflict.  Morris married Laura M Waddell on Christmas day in 1947.  I first heard from Laura Pettit on January 16, 1994, when she responded to a letter I sent her while trying to make contact with my Georgia roots. She was my first point of contact with the Gilmer County Pettits and was quite generous with information.

This particular copy of the family Bible was located in Gilmer County, GA Public Library.  The scanned images were probably donated by Laura Pettit.  Laura passed away on June 27, 2020.  It is not known who currently has this family bible but hopefully it is still in the family.

William Henry Pettit and John Waitsel Pettit Lineage

A quick lean listing of the ancestry of Morris Pettit can be seen below:

Joshua Pettit + Rachel

Henry Pettit 1763 NJ -1838 NC + Anna Poole 1763 VA – 1845 GA

Henry Pettit Jr 1790 SC – 1858 GA + Anna Mooney

William Decatur Pettit 1828 NC – 1849 GA +Elizabeth Delincy Searcy 1827-1891

William Henry Pettit 1848 GA – 1929 GA

John Waitsel Pettit 1874 GA – 1949 GA

Photocopies of John W. Pettit Bible Record

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John W Pettit Family Bible p2

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[Page 1]

Family Register

Parents’ Names.

Husband, John W Pettit was born, October 18, 1874

Wife, Beulah Pettit was born, January 22, 1877

Married, December 29, 1907.

[Page 2]

Children’s names.

Myrtle May Belle Pettit was born October 2, 1908.

Claude William Pettit was born March 7, 1910.

Paul Wilson Pettit was born Feb. 27, 1912.

Ethel Marie Pettit was born July 28, 1914.

Morris Pettit was born June 22, 1917.

Mary Lola Pettit was born May 31, 1921.

[Page 3]


Claude W. Pettit married Oct4, 1930.

Paul W. Pettit married Dec 25, 1933

Ethel M. Pettit was married Dec 2, 1934

Morris Pettit was married Dec 25, 1947.

Joseph Morris Pettit June 12, 1969

Sheila Pettit Hicks May 22, 1977

John Clark Pettit Dec 25, 1977

Mark Alan Oct 25, 1985

[Page 4]


Myrtle May Belle Pettit died Sep 28, 1912

Mrs. Beulah Pettit died Nov 11, 1932.

John W. Pettit died Nov 3, 1949.

[Page 5]

Thomas H. G. Pettit was born Oct 17 in the year 1890.  [Note: this appears out of place at the top of this page because there was no more room at the bottom of the page that listed the other Pettit child births]

James F. Harris was born March 26 in the year 1828.

Elizabeth D. Harris was born August 4 in the year 1827.

George W Harris was born April 20 in the year 1891.

[Page 6]

William H Pettit was born Oct the 3 in the year 1848.

Posia [sic] A Pettit was born December 18 in the year 1848.

Margret E Pettit was born December the 2 in the year 1868.

William F Pettit was born February 23 in the year 1870.

Luella E Pettit was born February 24 in the year 1872.

John W Pettit was born Oct 18 in the year 1874.

Naomia I Pettit was born November 12 in the year 1876.

Mary A. Pettit was born February the 2 in the year (1879)

Sarah A Pettit was born September 16 in the year 1881/

Perlia A Pettit was born March the 5 in the year 1884.

Lula Y Pettit was born February 13 in the year 1886.

Vida C Pettit was born June 13 in the year 1888.

[Note: See birth of last child at the top of page 1] [Page 7]

William F Pettit died Oct 4 in the year 1880.  [It looks like this originally said 1872]

Vida C. Pettit died July the 11 in the year 1894.

Sarah A Pettit died Jane the 6 in the year 1899.

Margret E Pettit died September 19 in the year 1909.

Posia A Pettit died May 20 in the year 1911.

William Henry Pettit died August 28 in the 1928. [sic]

George W Harris died Jan 22 in the year 1942.

Elizabeth D Harris died February 9 in the year 1891.

Mary A (Pettit) Whitner died December 10, 1950

John W Pettit died December 3, 1949.


Download a High Resolution Copy

Please fee free to download a copy for your records.  Click here for a PDF copy: William Henry Pettit (1848), John W Pettit (1874), Morris Pettit, Family Bible Record, Gilmer Co, GA (PDF)