Pettit Family Survey

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To all cousins,

This survey provides an easy way for all our cousins to preserve their unique family story as passed down to them.  The goal is to document and catalog the stories of different Pettit family branches for future generations to have.  As with everything at The Pettit Research Project, this is strictly for history and genealogy purposes.

Why is this important?  In most cases, someone took the time to relate some bit of family history to each one of us.  If we pass on without handing down what was handed to us, that history we were entrusted with is lost forever.  You can honor the old generation by making sure your information is recorded.  This survey is an easy way to do that.

It is only 20 questions.   Please consider taking a moment right now to fill it out.  You can even fill it out on behalf of someone else as you ask them the questions.

Remember, there are no right or wrong answers here. It is more important to document what legends and stories were passed down to you than to give a “correct” answer. When answering these questions, disregard anything you have read online or seen published, including publications on this site. It is important that you answer these questions based on what was handed down to you, not on your own genealogy research!  We want to preserve the old family legends as they were handed down to you without them being polluted by outside influence!

Lastly, please consider helping us share this survey with all our cousins.

Thank you,

Brandon Pettit

The Pettit Research Project


The Pettit Family Survey

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