Pettit Family Bible of James Pettet (b. 4-20-1798) and Eleanor Bennett married 1812 in NY

By Brandon


The following record was found written in a bound copy of The Holy Bible stereotyped by James Conner for the American Bible Society with a publication date of 1828. It is currently located in south central New York state.  According to this record, James Pettet was born on April 20, 1798, in Washington, NY and married Eleanor Bennett in 1812.

A transcription of the Bible record is included below.  Original images can be found below the transcription.  A downloadable PDF containing all this information is at the bottom of the page.  This information is published in the hopes that it maybe useful to someone researching these individuals.  At this time little research has been conducted on this family and not much is provided about their ancestry or descendants.  If you have information about this family you would like to share, please send me a message, or post a comment below so I can update this article.

James Pettet and Eleanor Bennett Family Bible Transcription


Family Record

James Pettet was born in the town of Westfield County of Saraotga Washington N.Y. on the 20th day of April AD 1798.

–  – –

Eleanor Bennett was born in the town of Halfmoon on the 17th day of April AD 1803.

– – –

James Pettet and Eleanor Bennett were married in the Town of Charleston Montgomery County on the 3rd day of February ****[date scratched out and “1812” penciled in]

– – –

Lucy Ann Pettet their daughter was born in the town of Charleston July 13th 1820.

– – –

John Pettet their son was born  on the ***rd [ink blot] day of April AD 1822


[Page 2]

Lydia Maria Pettet was born in the town of Charleston on the 3d day of February AD 1825.

– – –

Andrew Pettet was born in the town of Locke Cayuga County on the 27th day of April 1827.

– – –

Family Bible Images

Inside cover.

First page.

Second page.


PDF Document

Researchers are encouraged to download and save the PDF below for their records.  It contains the photos of the Bible images as well as the transcription.  Feel free to share this document.

Download the PDF.


Other Information on James Pettet

James Pettet can be found in the 1850 Federal Census of Montgomery County, NY listed as James “Pallet”.  In his 1850 household are his wife Eleanor, daughter Lydia, son Andrew and an 87-year-old Anna of the same surname.  It is quite possible that this Anna is James’ mother.



If anyone is researching this family and would like to supply information on the genealogy, I will be happy to post that information here.


Change Log

2023-9-21 Removed speculative information tying this family to another family.  (Original info placed in the comments.)

2023-10-1 Corrected spelling from “Bernett” to Bennett”.

2023-10-1 Updated article to include new information about this family provided by Janet Wood.  (Also see comments.)